• CALM - Vanilla Lavender (Box of 9 bars)
  • CALM - Vanilla Lavender (Box of 9 bars)
  • CALM - Vanilla Lavender (Box of 9 bars)

CALM - Vanilla Lavender (Box of 9 bars)

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Disclaimer: We are currently working on a new formula for the ViBE Calm Bars. In some cases the Calm Bars are arriving saturated due to the organic properties. The Calm Bars will still arrive highly nutritional and effective. Please enjoy the Calm Bars at a generous discount while we get to work on producing the new formula.
Infused with ingredients to help chill your vibe.
The perfect nighttime guilt-free snack.  Helps put you in the proper brain wave state via glycine to help you get a deeper night's rest.
This ViBE bar is infused with a list of ingredients shown to aid in relaxation, improve mood, enhance sleep, and even improve cognition!
Gaba - Vibe Bars
GABA is the king of good vibes…it is a regulatory neurotransmitter that keeps you calm by hushing the crowd when the party in your head gets too loud. And we put that king right in our bar. That’s right…a king in every bar. Sleep enhancer. Stress reducer. Banishes anxiety to the underworld. Thank you, Your Highness.
L-theanine - Vibe Bars
L-theanine has been proven to increase levels of several important neurotransmitters, increase levels of alpha wave activity in the brain (the good vibe wave), improve attention span and reaction time, have anti-anxiety properties, and even have neuroprotective effects (you want to be vibin’ when your old, don’t you?).
Brain wave chill state
Glycine, a neurotransmitter itself, promotes relaxation by protecting against hyperexcitability in the brain, is a proven stimulator of muscle growth and tissue repair, and regulates hormone function to help fine-tune your vibes.
Lavender Oil - Vibe Bars
Lavender oil. Good smells, better vibes. Anti-anxiety comparable to prescription meds (keep it vibin’ with the flower). Sleep aid and mood enhancer. Breathe deep. Find your center.
Lavendor oil
Vitamin D - Vibe Bars
Vitamin D, benefits too numerous to mention. Calcium absorption and stronger bones, yes…but it also increases immune function, improves cardiovascular health, fights depression, and does a slew of other great things. Oh, and few foods contain it…we get it mostly from the sun. And most of us don’t get enough sun. How much Vitamin D do we need? That specific number is unknown, but one thing is certain…it is a lot more than we previously thought. So we put a big fat dose right here in our bar. Keep the good vibrations rolling with the D.
Organic Sunflower Seed Butter / Pea Protein / Non-GMO Soluble Tapioca Fiber / Chicory Root Fiber / Glycine / Organic Sunflower Seeds / Sunflower Lecithin / L-Theanine / Organic Coconut Oil / Chia Seeds / Natural Flavors / Sea Salt / GABA / Organic Rosemary Extract / Stevia / Vitamin D2 / Natural Lavender Oil
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size - 1 Bar – approx. 1.5 oz / 42g per: Calories 180, Calories from Fat 90, Total Fat 11g (17% DV), Saturated Fat 1.5g (8% DV), Trans Fat 0g (0% DV), Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 115mg (5% DV), Total Carbohydrates 13g (4% DV), Dietary Fiber 9g (38% DV), Total Sugars 2g (1% DV) – Sugar Alcohol 0g, Protein 8g (17% DV), Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 1%, Calcium, 2%, Iron 5%. Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Vibe Infusion Calm Bar