About Us


Owners of Vibe Infusion



I was out late one night in NYC, hungry and tired and started wandering the aisles of a convenience store like a zombie thinking, “Where the heck are the snacks with the caffeine?” Five minutes later, I was resigned to buying an energy drink and a protein bar with subpar ingredients.  In that moment, the general concept of Vibe was created. Taking this idea of pairing together caffeine and protein into a bar you can eat, I knew I had something unique and rolled with it. After spending the next few years making bars in my kitchen, I finally perfected my recipe and Vibe took flight!


Knowing I couldn’t grow Vibe on my own, I consulted nutritionists, doctors and friends and together, I became WE. Through this collaboration we realized not only did we want cutting edge bars but also wanted to offer other products with the same high standards we valued from the beginning.



In an overly saturated protein bar market, we decided to make great tasting products that don’t exist using simple ingredients. All Vibe Infusion bars are plant-based, all-natural and free of gluten, soy and dairy. Most importantly, throughout this process, we make sure no corners get cut. Bottom line: we use premium ingredients because, HEY! we eat these too!



Our motto has shifted a few times in our short existence, and is now “infused with a purpose.” Our products are designed to not only taste great, but address issues a lot of people face on a daily basis. Whether it’s that energy boost you need, a delicious on-the-go snack you’re craving or a vegan friendly snack, we got you! At Vibe Infusion, we care about our community and spreading good vibes which is why we give back a portion of every bar sold to charity.  Partnering some bars with specific organizations while others will be donated to our general Vibe Infusion Charity Fund. This fund rotates between 5 key areas that have the biggest impact to us personally: helping children, the environment, animals, curing diseases and our Veterans.


Vibe infusion is a healthy, positive, and fun-loving community. We welcome each and everyone, from all walks of life, whom want to make a positive impact in their world. We strive to bring balance, passion, focus, and peace to the mind and body of our clients. At ViBE, we understand that life can get busy and overwhelming, so we make sure to be there! When you're rushing out the door to work or when you're seeking calmness in the everyday chaos, Vibe Infusion is there.
We're not your "average bar company", we've infused our bars with the perfect ingredients and love to make your day flow easily! Whether you want to give your skin a little glow, a "pick me up" during the day, a little bit of peace, or a quick on-the-go breakfast, we've got your back. Did we mention the part that we're HUGE animal lovers? Not only are we here for you, but we're here for your pups too. We donate a portion of all proceeds to Local Animal Rescue Charities, which allows us to share our love for animals with you! We look forward to ViBing with you and the rest of this amazing community we've been so lucky to grow!