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Hello Friend!

Welcome to Your Risk-Free
Trial of ViBE Infusion

Most subscription plans don't let you try the goods before you buy. Think of this as a test-drive for your taste buds. With our ViBE modifiable subscription plan, the power is in your hands! You can reach out to us via email 24/7.

Here's The Deets

Try 'em...try 'em real good

We'll start out by sending you 3 caffeinated ViBE Infusion Energy Bars (Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter).

Sit back and wait for your goodness to arrive (we know, waiting stinks)

10 days after you placed your initial order, you'll get an email about your first shipment. You'll get a box of the Energy Bar (Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter). You can email us or log into your account to change the frequency or cancel altogether.

Time to $ave!

One of the benefits of this program, is the savings! Normal costs for a box of bars are $39 + $4.99 shipping. With this program you get a box of bars for $36 INCLUDING shipping! Talk about a win-win...you get deliciousness delivered to your door monthly AND you save some sheckles.

So...is there a catch?

Nope, nada, nein...no fine print. After you receive your 3 bar sample pack, you are more than welcome to cancel if you don't think these bars are deeeeeelicious. No hard feelings at all even if you don't like them. As I always say, remember to smile, today is a great day.
Jared - Founder of ViBE Infusion.

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