Why Eating Caffeine is Better than Drinking It

If you need a boost of caffeine to get you going in the morning, trust that we’re right there with you. It’s become fairly standard practice to guzzle a cup of coffee almost first thing in the morning and give you a jolt that pushes you out the door. 

If you feel like caffeine helps you get by, you should know that drinking it isn’t only your option. In fact, there’s a strong case for eating caffeine vs. drinking it to give you the energy you need and make it last longer.

Here’s why:

What Happens When You Drink Caffeine?

When you feed your body caffeine, it can take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes before the effects are fully realized. This isn’t necessarily a problem; however, consider the fact that your liquid coffee is going to flow through your digestive system a lot faster than food. 

This means your body is working fast to get all the nutrients from your coffee. Luckily, your body absorbs about 99% of the coffee in that short amount of time. But what happens is that because coffee leaves your body so quickly, you may find yourself crashing way before lunch time. 

Why Eat Caffeine Instead?

Eating food with caffeine, like our ViBE Energy bars, takes a lot longer to digest. It stays in your body longer, which means you could be feeling the effects of the caffeine for longer, too. Granted, it may also take longer to start getting the benefits of your caffeine, but this also gives you more sustained energy over time rather than feeling that sudden spike-then-crash. 

Bottom Line: Eating Caffeine vs. Drinking It

There’s no denying that eating caffeine vs. drinking it offers a few extra “perks” (pun intended). And if you’re like many people that think coffee and soda are your only options, you’ll be glad to know that choosing to eat your caffeine opens up more choices.

For instance, our ViBE Energy bars are packed with 100 mg of caffeine (from coffee fruit extract), which is about the same as your morning cup of coffee. The difference, of course, is that our bars make you feel fuller, offer more nutrients, and will give you sustained energy throughout your morning. We also packed L-theanine into our energy bar which helps reduce the jitters and anxiety from caffeine while increasing mental focus.  

Go check out our ViBE Energy bars and see how making the switch makes for a better day!

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