D-Glucosamine and Its Role in Joint Health

Whether you have a joint condition like arthritis or you just find it painful to move sometimes, D-Glucosamine could be the relief you need. It’s naturally found in the fluid and cartilage around your joints, but when this fluid and cartilage are depleted or start to lessen, the results are joint pain, stiffness, and friction that makes it harder to move, at least at the pace you’re used to.

And when your body isn’t producing enough D-Glucosamine on its own, a supplement or foods that contain D-Glucosamine supplements (like our ViBE Movement bars) could be an excellent alternative.

What is D-Glucosamine Used For?

If you have joint soreness or stiffness, think about how that affects you on a normal day. What things aren’t you able to do because your body just won’t cooperate? What things have you had to miss out on because pain interrupts your life?

There’s a lot of scientific-backed evidence that D-Glucosamine has a positive effect on osteoarthritis, particularly when it comes to pain relief in the knees. It’s also been shown to slow the breakdown of joints and prevent arthritis conditions from becoming worse. 

Why We Love D-Glucosamine at ViBE

It’s important to maintain a healthy stock of D-Glucosamine in your body to prevent the breakdown of cartilage. As you get older, D-Glucosamine production tends to drop, which is why joint pain and stiffness are more common in older adults.

No matter your age, ViBE’s vegan protein bars are designed to help you enjoy every day. We included D-Glucosamine in our new ViBE Movement bars because we’re all about helping you move freely and live your best life. D-Glucosamine joins other joint-friendly ingredients like tart cherries and L-Glutamine to help you get on your feet and onward toward your fitness goals and everything life has to offer. 

Check out our ViBE Movement bars and take a bite for benefits!
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