• Vibe Calm: The Perfect Guilt Free Bedtime Snack

    Food is a source of energy, but have you ever used it as a form of relaxation? Our lavender and vanilla-infused Calm Bars have eight grams of protein and nine grams of fiber along with plenty of nonaddictive sleep-inducing ingredients, making them the perfect guilt-free bedtime snack.Β  With it be... View Post
  • Feeling tired? Got a long day? Dreading the gym? Grab a Vibe Infusion Energy Bar!

    Looking for the perfect pick-me-up to help with running errands all day, fighting that dreaded 3pm crash or crushing a good session at the gym? Look no further. ViBE Infusion carries the perfect healthy alternative to any kind of energy drink or bar. So instead of grabbing a energy drink with ter... View Post
  • Why Veganism or a Plant-based Diet Might Be For You

    Switching to a plant-based or vegan diet can be difficult for those who are familiar with eating dairy or meat. Every child is familiar with being forced to drink milk at the dinner table because we were told it’d make our bones strong. But in reality, it was just eating the greens stuffed in the... View Post