What is Curcumin and Why Did We Include It in Our ViBE Movement Bars?

We did a lot of research into different ingredients and nutrients when developing our Movement bars. But all that hard work paid off, because our final product includes a true superhero in the food world that packs a powerful punch, even though a lot of people don’t know how to pronounce it. It’s called curcumin, and science shows it has major health benefits to your body, particularly in the way you move. 

What is Curcumin (and How Do Even You Say It)?

You might not have heard of curcumin (which is pronounced as KUR-kyoo-muhn, by the way), but you’ve likely heard of turmeric, and that’s almost the same thing. Turmeric is a spice rack staple that’s commonly used in curry. It’s rich orange-yellow in color and is often used as a medicinal spice in Ayurvedic medicine.

Curcumin is the main star of turmeric. It’s a polyphenol, or micronutrient, that’s loaded with antioxidants. And while it’s part of the natural makeup of turmeric, it can also be extracted to be used as supplements in higher concentrations. 

Curcumin’s Hidden Super Powers

One of curcumin’s biggest claims to fame is its ability to help fight chronic inflammation. It’s turned the heads of researchers because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which are actually so powerful that it rivals some anti-inflammatory drugs

Inflammation is actually a good thing — sometimes. It’s your body’s natural response to protect it from foreign invaders. But for people with chronic inflammation or autoimmune diseases, this response is triggered when there’s nothing to fight off. Over time, this damages the body’s tissues and can make it painful to move. Common results of misguided inflammation are arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscular low back and neck pain, and osteoarthritis, to name a few.

Curcumin is also chock full of antioxidants, which protect against free radicals in the body. 

Let’s keep going — curcumin has also been shown to:

  • Improve cognition

  • Lower your risk of heart disease

  • Impede the growth of cancer cells

  • Delay the effects of aging

Not too shabby for just one ingredient. 

Curcumin and ViBE: Better Together

Saying we did a lot of research is really an understatement. But now, our Movement bars live up to their name — we want to get you movin’ without sacrifice, and we couldn’t do our bars justice without curcumin. 

Now, it’s your turn to get movin’ — pick up a box of Movement bars today and enjoy great ingredients and great taste that are great for you!

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