3 Things to Look for in a Protein Bar

I bet if you tried really hard right now you could name about 10 brands of protein bars. And those are just the ones that come to mind! There are a ton of bars out there, both in retail stores and from direct-to-consumer brands like ViBE.

Before I started ViBE, I didn’t quite realize the enormous differences between different protein bars. They’re not created equal, and I think it’s worth mentioning here a few key things you’ll want to look for if you’re wanting more from your protein bar than just good taste:

1. Low Carbs

Carbs, yummy carbs. They’re delicious, sure, and they have a way of amping up the flavor. That’s why mediocre protein bars are loaded with ‘em. If you love carbs and don’t mind having your protein bars packed with them, then no harm no foul. But a protein bar that’s actually good for you and doing your health a favor shouldn’t be going above 25g of carbs, especially if it’s in the 200-250 calorie range.

2. No Artificial Ingredients

Artificial ingredients have a ton of benefits — but they usually benefit the business, not your health. They’re cheaper and extend the shelf life of a product so businesses can cash in on producing larger quantities at a lower price.

At ViBE, we put nothing artificial into our bars, ever. Every bar is made with real ingredients you’ll recognize and can pronounce, because that’s how a good protein bar that’s good for you should be made.

Also be mindful of artificial sweeteners that end in “tol”. Xylitol and Maltitol especially. Maltitol is a laxative in higher doses and a lot of brands will load up on this because it is cheaper to use than natural sugar alternatives such as monk fruit extract and stevia.

3. Fat and Sugar Content

A lot of protein bar companies rely on fats and sugar or sweeteners to get their bars to taste better than furniture. But what good does that do you?

Look for how much sugar or corn syrup they add to each bar. If it’s listed as the first ingredient, stay away. 
Also, no healthy protein bar will have any trans fats. It should also be low in saturated fats.

Why Bite for Benefits?

Bite for Benefits means that better health is just a bite away. We’ve taken care to source the best ingredients for our protein bar formulas, and we’re quite proud of the results. Every bar we make is vegan, dairy- and soy-free, non-GMO, and no artificial ingredients, ever.

Not only that but each bar is specifically designed to help you with some facet of your daily life. Check out our new lineup of Movement, Energy, and Balance bars and feel confident about a protein bar that offers great benefits, great taste, and is great for you!

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