Protein bars

With a Purpose:

Healthy, Natural & Vegan.

Made with natural ingredients

Our products are only made with healthy, non-gmo, organic ingredients. What you put into your body matters, ensure the highest quality with ViBE Infusion.

Healthy & delicious

We use gluten-free, vegan ingredients, 

along with Immunity boosters, 

gut protectants, and digestive probiotics.

Jitter-free natural energy

100mg natural caffeine (1.5 shots of espresso)

via coffee fruit extract.

Try a box today!

Energy Bar - Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

(Box of 12)

  • 100mg Natural Caffeine

  • Mental Focus Via

    L-Theanine & MCT Oil

  • Energy For Pre-Workout

    or Anything Other Activity

  • Box Includes 12 Bars

  • 15g Protein, 6g Fiber

Movement Bar - Cashew Cupcake

(Box of 12)

  • 500mg Curcumin

  • Helps Your Muscles

    & Joints Stay Healthy

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Box Includes 12 Bars

  • 14g Protein, 6g Fiber

Balance Bar - Greens Apple Cinnamon

(Box of 12)

  • 750mg Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Immunity Booster

    & Gut Protectant

  • Digestive Aid Probiotics

  • Box Includes 12 Bars

  • 12g Protein, 6g Fiber

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Comes With 3 Boxes Including:

- 12 Balance Bars 

- 12 Energy Bars

- 12 Movement Bars

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