What's your ViBE?
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Try our multitude of bars infused with a purpose!



  • "I really love these bars! I have tried both the Energy and the Calm bars and both of them taste delicious. They are so easy to grab on the go in the morning or before my runs (I am a marathoner). The calm is like my late night snack when I get cravings and it fills me up and relaxes me for night time. Definitely will buy more products!"
    - Hannah C.
  • "The energy bars tasted pretty good and didn't upset my stomach like some other bar brands. Gave me some good energy for an event I was working. I would eat more of these. Hopefully they get in gas stations soon!"
    - Kenneth G.
  • "Fast shipping, satisfied with the bars as I've tried a LOT of different brands, and it's safe to say Vibe is probably the best one I've tried yet. Not looking anymore! Thank you!"
    - Anne M.